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                                                                                    Company Profile
                                                                                    We, Chandhok Automobiles, operate from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and are renowned as a reliable automobile spare parts provider. Our spare parts are developed by dynamic team of professionals by incorporating cutting edge tools in the manufacturing process. After receiving the products from the production specialists of our vendors, our in-house quality inspection team checks the products quality on the parameters of durability, material strength, recyclability and many other factors. With our team’s support we are able to meet all our customer requirements and provide them with goods as demanded by them. For more details about our products kindly visit our product showroom section. 
                                                                                    Our Product Range

                                                                                    We, Chandhok Automobiles, are situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and are engaged in providing a comprehensive range of automobile and components like the ones outlined below:

                                                                                    • Bajaj 3 Wheeler
                                                                                      • Bajaj Re 3 Pot
                                                                                      • Bajaj Re 5 Pot
                                                                                      • Bajaj Re Compact 2 Stroke
                                                                                      • Bajaj Re Compact 4 Stroke
                                                                                    • Piaggio Ape 3 Wheeler
                                                                                      • Ape Xtra
                                                                                      • Ape Xtra Ld
                                                                                      • Ape Xtra Dlx
                                                                                      • Ape City
                                                                                    • Mahindra Alfa
                                                                                      • Alfa Cargo
                                                                                      • Alfa Passeneger
                                                                                    • Bajaj GC 1000
                                                                                      • GC 1000
                                                                                      • GC Max
                                                                                    • Atul 3 Wheeler
                                                                                      • Gem
                                                                                      • Smart
                                                                                      • Gem Cargo
                                                                                    • TVS King 3 Wheeler
                                                                                      Our entire range of Piaggio vehicle spare parts are listed in the table:

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Engine Cylinder Crankcase & Oil Pan

                                                                                      • Oil Chamber Pan Plate
                                                                                      • Alfa Dip Stick Gear Box

                                                                                      • Chamber Oil Nut Magnetic Old Drain
                                                                                      • Block Piston Kit Bs2

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Cylinder PTO Cover & Crank Shaft Support

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Air Cleaner & Air Filter

                                                                                      • Air Filter Box Cover PVC Bs3
                                                                                      • Air Filter Box Bs3
                                                                                      • Air Filter Box Cover Clip Only Bs3

                                                                                      • Air Filter Box Cover Nut L/M
                                                                                      • Air Filter Box Patti Long [Cleaner]
                                                                                      • Air Filter Box Umbrella Rubber Bs3

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Cylinder Head Tappet Cover & Valve-D Compressor

                                                                                      • Taped Cover Nut Nylon With O Ring
                                                                                      • D`Comp Bracket OE
                                                                                      • D`Compressor Lever Set

                                                                                      • D`Compressor Spring
                                                                                      • Push Rod Rubber NM

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Crank Shaft Piston & Connecting Rod Assembly

                                                                                      • C Rod Bolt Washer
                                                                                      • C R Lock Patti [Plate]
                                                                                      • Crank Shaft Assly Bs3

                                                                                      • Crank Shaft Key
                                                                                      • Connecting Bolt

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Cam Shaft Push Rod & Rocker Arm

                                                                                      • Push Rod Set
                                                                                      • Push Rod Tube [Pipe] BS3
                                                                                      • Cam Flower Washer

                                                                                      • Cam Flower Set With Washer & Lock
                                                                                      • Rocker Shaft

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Governor Oil Pump & Oil Filter

                                                                                      • Governor Spring
                                                                                      • Governor Support Assly
                                                                                      • Governor Spring Assy Big Threekaman [Rocket]

                                                                                      • Oil Filter
                                                                                      • Excess Fuel Bolt Gov Chamber Bolt
                                                                                      • Governor Star Lock 5 Cut OE

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Remote Throttle & Stop Control

                                                                                      • Stop Plate Assly Bs3

                                                                                      • Stop Lever Patti Knob Only [Red Color]

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Feed Pump Fuel Filter & Fuel Pipes

                                                                                      • Diesel Pipe Set Passengers
                                                                                      • Diesel Filter Cover Aluminum
                                                                                      • Feed Pump Repair Kit Full N/M

                                                                                      • Brake T Brass 3 Way
                                                                                      • Diesel Pipe Set Cargo
                                                                                      • Diesel Filter

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Common Benjo Bolt Copper Washer & Aluminum Washer

                                                                                      • Aluminum Washer
                                                                                      • Copper Washer
                                                                                      • Bolt Copper Washer

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Fuel Injection Pump & Injector Assembly

                                                                                      • Nozzle Pipe NM High Pressure
                                                                                      • Plunger Guide Spacer
                                                                                      • Nozzle Stud
                                                                                      • Nozzle Holder Benjo Boly Kit

                                                                                      • Nozzle Plate [Flange]
                                                                                      • Plunger Guide With Roller Bs2
                                                                                      • Plunger Guide Roller Kit Only Bs2

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Engine Cowling Air Duct & Exhaust System

                                                                                      • Silencer Bend Pipe C Pipe BS3
                                                                                      • Air Cowl Shroud BS3 [Engine Cowl] Plastic
                                                                                      • Silencer Bend Pipe Pipe BS3 [J Type]
                                                                                      • Silencer Assly BS3
                                                                                      • Air Cowl Shroud BS3 [Engine Cowl] Steel

                                                                                      • Eng Head Patra Oil Seal Side
                                                                                      • Eng Head Patra Exhaust Side
                                                                                      • Eng Penal Spring [Air Baffle] [Shield]
                                                                                      • Silencer Assly BS2

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Engine Side Cover & Main Housing

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Main Shaft Speed Gear & Cluster Gear

                                                                                      • Gear Cross Complete OE
                                                                                      • Cluster Gear 2 Hole Washer
                                                                                      • Cluster Gear Plain Washer Doom T

                                                                                      • 1St Speed Gear
                                                                                      • 4th Speed Gear

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Gear Shifting & Its Control Mechanism

                                                                                      • Gear Changer Dog KIT [Shifter]

                                                                                      • Gear Shifting

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Differential Unit Propeller Shaft Fare Meter Housing

                                                                                      • Final Gear
                                                                                      • Spindle Shaft Old model
                                                                                      • Gear Box Plate 3 Hole Nylon [Different]
                                                                                      • Spindle Shaft
                                                                                      • Differential Gage Cargo [Mandir]
                                                                                      • Reverse Gear Changer
                                                                                      • Popular Shaft Plate 4 Hole
                                                                                      • Popular Shaft Bush Distance [Spacer]
                                                                                      • Dip Stick Gear Box Teerkaman GPR
                                                                                      • Gear*Diff Box Pin [Satellite Pin] L/M
                                                                                      • Gear Box Diff Lock Washer Big
                                                                                      • Final Gear Bolt [F.D]

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Clutch & Clutch Covers

                                                                                      • Cluster Gear 2 Hole Washer
                                                                                      • Clutch Thesi Plate Clock
                                                                                      • Clutch Plate Set Molded BS2 XLD/M Alfa
                                                                                      • Clutch Box Assly
                                                                                      • Clutch Patti Medium N/M
                                                                                      • Clutch Patti Small O/M

                                                                                      • Clutch Thesi U
                                                                                      • Clutch Nut Washer BS3
                                                                                      • Clutch Bell [Box]
                                                                                      • Clutch Bush Plate BS I
                                                                                      • Clutch LVR N Bolt Spacer Distance

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Engine Mounting [Support]

                                                                                      • Cross Member Cargo
                                                                                      • Engine FOUN BRKT Big [Support Arm]
                                                                                      • Eng Found Metal Bush [Spacer]

                                                                                      • Eng Foundation [Mounting] Rubber
                                                                                      • Eng Foundation WATI Big
                                                                                      • Engine Mountain Bracket

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Chassis Frame Fuel Tank & Seat

                                                                                      • Diesel Tank Cargo
                                                                                      • Corner - 6226-L 6227-R
                                                                                      • FR G F Show Patti Clip Metal W/Rubber

                                                                                      • FR G F Show Patti Side Lock PVC
                                                                                      • Diesel Tank Lock
                                                                                      • Front Frame Show Patti Long PVC

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Inner Parts Of Cabin & Dash Board

                                                                                      • Seat Bracket
                                                                                      • Speedometer 0105019
                                                                                      • H L Fiber Fixing Lock Clip Small

                                                                                      • Seat Belt Dash Board OM
                                                                                      • Seat Fastener R Lock

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Cabin Components Two

                                                                                      • Monogram [Auto D 3S]
                                                                                      • Front Mud Screw Kit* Lock Nylon Beading
                                                                                      • Monogram [APE]

                                                                                      • Monogram [Cargo D 600]
                                                                                      • Front Mud Guard

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Matting Rear Mudguard & Door Mirror

                                                                                      • Hard Rear Mud Flap

                                                                                      • Side Mud Guard [Rear]

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Door Fittings Tools & Wheels

                                                                                      • Door Quarter Glass Beading
                                                                                      • Door Hinges With Bolt
                                                                                      • Door Inner Lock Screw
                                                                                      • Collusion Block Screw
                                                                                      • Wheel Nut NM

                                                                                      • Door Belt
                                                                                      • Wheel Rim
                                                                                      • Door Quarter Glass Kit Full [Left]
                                                                                      • Jack With Rod

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Steering Column & Front Suspension

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Rear Suspension Wheel Cylinder & Brake Shoe

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Rear Suspension Shocker Triangle Alex & Drum

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Handle Bar & Controls One

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Brake Tandem Master Cylinder & Hand Brake

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Head LIGHT Side Indicator Light & Assembly One

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Wiring Harness

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Starter Motor Flywheel & Regulator One

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Starter Motor & Spares Nmlm [036]

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Starter Motor Spares XLD [Bosch 424]

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Wiper Motor & Spares

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Hydraulic Lines

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Electrical Equipments

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Alternator & Battery

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Gaskets & Packing Kits BS Two

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Gaskets & Packing Kits BS Three

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Control Cables

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Control Cables XLD

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Alenkey Bolts

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape O Rings

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Oil Seals

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Bumpers

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Glass & Windshield

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Body Parts

                                                                                      Piaggio Ape Accessories & Extra Fittings

                                                                                      Some More Details

                                                                                      Nature Of Business

                                                                                      Exporter, Wholesaler, Distributor, Supplier and Trader

                                                                                      Year Of Establishment


                                                                                      No. Of Employees


                                                                                      Warehousing Facility